Friday, September 25, 2009

New and Improved Reviews on the Way!!

To my followers and you newbies, I must confess that I have allowed my blog to drift away from its original purpose -- to review ACTUAL horror and Fantasy books, to the exclusion of all others.

So, what does this mean? After a brief (weekend or so long) hiatus, I will be back with reviews of books that I feel actually fit the bill. Meaning blood and guts horror and graphic and disturbing fantasy.

I am already in talks with several authors, publishers and publicists to review their newly released or up and coming work. Many of these books are Indies, and they contain the kind of content that most mainstream publishing houses shy away from. In addition, I have found a local Indie bookstore where I have found an absolute treasure trove of old-school horror that is just waiting to be recycled.

So be ready for some real horror. As more and more of my contemporary faves have begun to let me down with their pandering releases, I have simply decided that it is time to look elsewhere for reading material that meets my expectation so that I can write reviews that are suitable in the eyes of my readers, both old and new.



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