Monday, July 6, 2009

Guest Blogger: "Some Girls Bite" by: Chloe Neill

All of us here at Horror and Fantasy Book Review (ok, it's just me!!) would love to give a big welcome and thanks to Drey over at Drey's Library for contributing the following review for my readers to enjoy! Indeed, Some Girls Bite looks like a great read, and it is one that I am adding to my TRB list! And I would like to encourage all of you who read and enjoy this review to head on over to Drey's Library and look around. Thanks again, Drey!!

drey's thoughts:
Some Girls Bite is one of my birthday presents (yay me!). I ran through it once, and really liked it, but couldn't really put my finger on why. I mean, when you think about it, here's another vampire novel, out of the plethora of vampire novels out there. So I read it again. Good thing I read fast, eh? =)

Merit--she goes by her last name only, and there's no reference to why, other than "it's better than the alternative"--is a newly turned, former graduate student, who lives in the Windy City. In this world, the US vampires are organized into twelve Houses, each with its own Master, each with its own identity. Three of the twelve houses are in Chicago, and Merit now belongs to one of 'em. As far as heroines go, she's not whiny, which is a huge plus in my book. She has strong physical abilities--I'm not sure I like how she's "special" right away, but if it's just one aspect out of the whole Merit picture, I can deal--and gets training in weaponry. From a sorceror who happens to work for her grandfather. Yeah, there are some surprises here.

She's sassy, too, and if you know me, you know I like my heroines sassy. There's nothing better than a healthy dose of sarcasm when confronted with centuries-old vamps who think they know everything, lol! And she has a healthy dose of fear to go along with all this too.

In any case, I like Merit, I want to know what the "alternative" is, and I like the story and characters so far. I want more. =)

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