Monday, June 8, 2009

"Eve of Destruction" by S.J. Day

After what seemed like forever (but was in reality about a month), I finally got my hands on a copy of Eve of Destruction, which is book two of the new Marked series by S.J. Day. I absolutely loved the first book, Eve of Darkness. It was truly exceptional, especially when you take into account that it was the first book of a new series in the increasingly crowded Urban Fantasy Genre. I am happy to say that the bar that was set in book one was actually exceeded in book two.

At the conclusion of Eve of Darkness, our heroine Evangeline Hollis found herself burned to death by a dragon. In chapter one of Eve of Destruction, she finds herself waking up in her own bed. How is this possible? When your main squeezes are Cain and Abel of biblical fame, you have a little more clout than your average run of the mill mortal. And Eve isn’t about to argue with her return to the realm of the living. With vivid memories of her own death clear in her mind, she has never been more grateful for her new status as a Mark.

With a new lease on life, Eve is quickly whisked away to complete her training as a Mark (along with the rest of the newbies). Upon arrival at the training center, things go bad almost immediately. Eve feels feverish (despite the fact that Marks are not susceptible to human ills) and altogether not herself. Not to mention the fact that one of the Marks-in-training is brutally slaughtered during the first training exercise. With no real clues to go on, the newbies are all on edge. And since there is no love lost between Eve and her classmates (they are jealous of her personal life on several levels), she finds herself becoming a solo detective, and not entirely willingly.

Eve of Destruction was exactly what I hoped it would be and more. Fast paced (but not rushed), exciting, and full of sexual tension between Eve and the two eternally rivaling brothers, it was impossible to put down. One of my favorite aspects of the book was that all of the characters were true to their initial portrayal in book one. It was great to see that neither Cain or Abel was willing to relinquish their struggle with each other or God in order to have an easy relationship with Eve. And that Eve was unwilling to sacrifice any part of herself to be with either brother. Overall, Eve of Destruction gets a five star rating from. I am going to be on pins and needles until Eve of Chaos is released at the end of the month.


  1. Wow. Sounds like my kinda book, was Eve of Darkness the first in the series? Can I pick the story up from Eve of Destruction of do I need to go further back?
    Still lovin your blog :P
    Bless up,
    Chilli x

  2. Eve of Darkness was book one, and the third (and final??) book in the series will be Eve of Chaos, released at the end of the month. You could start w/ Eve of Destruction and not be lost, but Eve of Darkness was really good, too. You'd be missing out if you skipped it, just for its entertainment value alone :)

  3. Okay, rolling up my sleeves and going to roll down to Borders to grab a copy lol!
    Thanx again :)
    Chilli x