Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Lover Unbound" J.R. Ward

As kind of an homage to The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward, I have decided to review one of my favorite books of the lot to coincide with the release of book 7. (Lover Avenged, released in HC on April 28th.) This is a must-read series for anyone who loves erotic romance, vampire action, urban fantasy, or hard-core violence. Really all encompassing.

Lover Unbound, which is book 5 in the series, is Vishous’s story. V my favorite member of The Brotherhood from book one. There is something about having the ability to see into the future that is more intriguing above and beyond all other super-powers. It’s just freaking cool. Unfortunately, V’s gift has hit a snag of late, and the visions have dried up. Could be as a result of watching his best bud (and secret love) Butch get all bonded-up. Or maybe it is as a result of something more sinister…

At the beginning of the book, a secret of V’s parentage is revealed, and it answers a lot of questions. I mean, the man has powers unusual for most vamps. Even members of The Brotherhood. Unfortunately, one revelation leads to another, and V learns that it is his destiny to become Primale of the chosen. (Pretty much a sperm donor, mating with Chosen females to preserve the Vampire race.) And he doesn’t have a choice.

Understandably, V is furious. In a rage-fueled fury, he ends up on the wrong end of a bullet. The next thing he knows, he is in a hospital being tended to by a human doctor that brings one word to his mind. Mine. So, when his brothers come to rescue him from the ICU, the Dr. Jane Whitcomb is taken along for the ride.

The conclusion of Lover Unbound actually forced me to scrape my jaw from the floor. The lengths that are gone to in order for V and Jane to have their happily ever after are beyond anything I have ever read. Since I am unwilling to publish spoilers, I can say only one thing: Read the book. It will be worth your while. Of course, I have to suggest that you read the four book that proceed it first. But even if you are willing to commit yourself to starting on a new series, I would recommend Lover Unbound. It is a shining example of love conquering all. And for that reason alone, this book gets 4 stars. Enjoy…


  1. This book sounds like my kind of book. I love jaw dropping reads!

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